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Lawn Care

The starting point for lawn maintenance is our regularly scheduled mowing, edging, blowing.  This is usually done every 7-10 days. At each visit, the grass is mowed at the desired height with a rotary mower. 

Our equipment ranges from small-sized mowers, to self propelled walk behind mowers. We try to use the largest most efficient equipment possible, this way we can offer the customer the best price.

We offer both mulching and bagging service. We most often recommend mulching. This allows the grass to retain the nutrients from the grass clippings and will keep the grass healthier for longer. 

We usually begin with edging using string trimmers. We edge all areas bordering the grass including concrete driveways/walkways, decks, patios, trees, and gardening areas. Once our crew is done mowing and edging, all concrete areas, decks, patios and walkways will be blown of debris. 

In addition to mowing, edging and blowing. We can customize your service to include any details that may be specific to your yard. 

Other Services

  • Weed Control

  • Path Maintenance 

  • Tree and Shrub Removal 

  • Pine Straw and Mulch

  • Seeding 

  • Fertilization

  • Yard clean up 

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