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Boat Detailing

Your boats are usually some of your biggest investments, Proper care is essential for preserving the surfaces and value of your watercraft. Boats tend to get dirty and grimy from being in and out of the water as well as sun exposure. Waxing will ensure that the gel coat is sealed and protected, extending the exterior life of your boat. 

We use a multi-step approach when it comes to restoring the exterior of your hull. Whether its a quick wash down and dry or a complete wax and polish. We can customize each visit that best suits what the exterior of your boat needs, keeping it looking new and protecting it from the harsh sun. Lots of boats contain Oxidization (a white chalky substance that occurs from the sun, corrosion and lack of maintenance). Removing that oxidization requires a special approach before wax can be properly applied. 

Whether your boat is in or out of the water, we offer services that best fits your needs. We can work on your boat if its on the trailer, or in the water. Call and ask us about our different services if your boat is in the water!

*Both images shown before Marine Hull Cleaner was applied

Boat Waxing After
Boat Waxing before

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