Drone Photography

Our Drone Photography services are available all throughout Lake of the Woods. We can capture stunning High-Quality images from up to 400Ft high. We are also more accessible and can fly much closer to a object than a float plane or other aerial vehicles. This allows us to be able to capture amazing pictures which are not easily accessible without our Aerial Photography Services.  

We are able to capture stunning pictures from different view points of your cabin or property using our drones. Offering a affordable price compared to other traditional methods which take longer, don't provide the same quality imagery, and is much safer. We use top of the line light weight drones that allow us to fly closer to objects rather than other methods.

Our drone allows us to spend an hour of flight time at each location, enabling us to capture many different views. Making sure the client is happy with the pictures they will be receiving. When a client schedules a flight we will book a date that best suits the client. They must be available for the flight so we can ensure they are happy with the pictures provided. We will capture up to 15 photos at each location. All pictures will later be available for download and 2 will be professionally printed off for the client, Or more if requested. 

Tell Us About Your Project

Call us and describe your project and tell us what kind of photos you want captured.

Schedule a Flight

After confirming the project details and scheduling a date, a pilot will be sent to your specified location.

Receive Your Aerial Imagery

We will share your drone photos with you and make them available to download within 24 hours of the flight. If requested Professionally printed photos will be provided and can be framed.

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